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Title: Sunrise Underground
Author: Kayla Bulster
Genre: YA Contemporary Suspense
Length: 192 pages
Release Date: August 9th, 2016
Imprint: Anaiah Surge
ePub ISBN: 978-0-9977278-4-5
Print ISBN: 978-0-9977278-5-2
Heir of Koradin
Sunrise Underground
For Tilly White, ballet is her only escape from life, from her grief over her mother’s and brother’s deaths, and from her abusive stepfather, Fletcher. Late one evening as she leaves the studio, someone throws her into a van. But before they can carry out their plan, a mysterious boy rescues her… and steals her necklace?

Desperate to reclaim the last item she has of her family, Tilly chases her rescuer into the sewers where she discovers a secret society of ninjas. Through training with them, she learns to have real faith, which she’ll need when the job gets all too personal. The ninjas investigate a local mob boss to find Tilly’s best friend caught up in the mess. Fletcher might be involved, too! Her only allies are these ninjas she barely knows. Tilly will need to rely on her faith and her colleagues to save her friend.

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