Do Flowers Go to Heaven?                               

Have you ever been told to believe in something you could not touch, let alone see, but knew deep inside that it was worth fighting for, even more than the air we breathe? What if a simple wildflower’s journey could lead us to a deeper understanding of our choices of knowing, struggling and ultimately believing?

Come embark on the Wildflower’s journey, with his brother and sister, as they grow in search of a great light and discover the answer to an important question.

Do flowers go to Heaven?

Title: Do Flowers Go to Heaven?
Heaven Has a Secret for You!
Deniese Kohles
Children, Inspirational
30 pages
Release Date:
September 15th, 2015
Anaiah Adventures

About the Author
Praise for Do Flowers...
Deniese Kohles is a wife of 37 years, mother, grandmother, interior designer, retired art teacher, and youth minister who resides in Grand Junction, Colorado. She was creatively inspired by a reoccurring vivid dream to write her first book, “Heaven Has a Secret for You!” as a gift for her grandchildren. “Heaven Has a Secret for You!” The second book of the series is titled “Do Flowers Go To Heaven?”

It was her children who compelled her to share her stories with the world, so that everyone would know that Heaven has a secret for them too.

"Beautifully written and illustrated, I would definitely recommend this book as a read aloud for parents when trying to explain how to overcome the difficulties of this world."
Do Flowers Go to Heaven?

copyright © 2015 Deniese Kohles

Beyond the back door of an old, rustic cabin was a meadow full of beautiful wildflowers, dancing in the warm summer sun. “Here is another one, Grandma!” announced an excited young girl, as her tiny hands picked it from its natural bouquet. She ran to her grandmother, who carefully added it to the others she held in her hand. 

“Oh this one is beautiful dear! It will look beautiful on our table.” Grandma said excitedly, while admiring her bouquet. The little girl sat on a rock, looking at all of the flowers growing in the meadow. There were many, many colors, shapes and fragrances to choose from. She loved to watch the butterflies flutter gracefully above the flowers too!
She looked at her grandmother and asked, “Grandma, which flower is your favorite?”

Grandma eyed her bouquet from one side to the other and replied, “I love them all dear, because God created them.”

The little girl grew kind of impatient, “No, Grandma, I know God created them all, but which one do you like the most?”

Grandma sat down on the rock next to her granddaughter and replied, “I love the one you love the most!”

The little girl sprang up from the rock and ran into the meadow. “I love this one the most!” She cried triumphantly. She picked a brown-eyed Susan and ran to give it to her grandma, then sat back down on the rock.

Grandma wrapped her arms around her granddaughter and lovingly said, “I am going to tell you what my grandmother once told me years ago.” The little girl looked straight in her grandmother’s eyes and listened. “She said, child, this is a very special flower. Whenever you see one, I want you to think of me and remember how much I love you.” Grandma cleared her throat and continued. “I told my grandmother I would remember, but I had to ask her why. She told me it was because she was not always going to be around. God was going to call her to Heaven one day.”

The little girl jumped up from the rock and hugged her grandma tight. “I will remember too, but I don’t want you to go either! Where is Heaven anyway?”
Grandma twirled her granddaughter around so she could put her on her lap and then said, “Heaven is where Jesus is! It is our home too. He wants us to come home when we are through.”

The little girl was playing with the flowers in Grandma’s hand while she was thinking. “Grandma, how do you know?”

Grandma sat quietly thinking about her answer. “I know because Heaven is calling us to believe, dear! If you believe, with all of your heart, some day you will understand.”

The little girl spun around to give her grandma a huge hug. “Grandma, I love you, and I believe, because you believe!”