A Long and Winding Road                                

Alzheimer’s is a family disease, and A Long and Winding Road is a love story—not a boy-meets-girl love story, but a family love story:
The story of the love of a daughter for her parents and her willingness to take them into her home when they could no longer care for themselves;
The story of a mother and father who loved their daughter but no longer remembered exactly where they were or why;
The story of a husband who loved his wife so much that he stood beside her as they fought to survive the ravages of the brain-wasting disease that was stealing her loved ones away a piece at a time.
It’s also the story of a seven-week trip for four across sixteen U.S. states in a forty-foot motor home—a trip that involved stopped up toilets, wet jeans, laughter, and headaches that were far from the easygoing retirement the Brendles had imagined for themselves.
Linda Brendle takes you on a roller-coaster ride of emotional and spiritual challenges that many families are facing right now. Co-dependency, mental breakdowns, and finding love after divorce are just a few of the issues weaved into this journey of caregiving.

Title: A Long and Winding Road
Subtitle: A caregiver's tale of life, love, and chaos
 Linda Brendle
280 pages
Release Date:
August 1st, 2017
Anaiah Inspirations
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About the Author
After 15 years as a family caregiver, I began writing to encourage, inspire and amuse other caregivers. I love to travel and, since retiring, I have traveled mostly by motorcycle and RV. My husband and I live in a small East Texas town where I garden, write and take an active part in my church.